Emolument | Radca prawny Koło Łukasz Jaroszewski

The amount of remuneration

I agree on my remuneration with the Client. My remuneration corresponds to workload, complexity and importance of the Client’s case, and complies with fair competition rules.

When defining the amount and terms of payment of my remuneration, I take into account the Client’s capacities and needs (e.g. payment in instalments is possible).

I apply the following payment systems:


payable before, during or after the service


calculated per hour spent for the purpose of the service

Success fee

for successful outcome


for permanent legal service contracts

Sample remuneration:

1) legal advice – from PLN 50 plus VAT;
2) drafting a letter – from PLN 100 plus VAT;
3) legal representation – within the limits specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice on fees for the activities of legal counsels.

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